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Onam- God's Own Country


Once upon a time, in the era of gods, the Almighty was engrossed in creating the vast infrastructure of universes, galaxies, cities, and magnificent buildings across the cosmos. Amidst the grand creation, the divine being decided to construct a heavenly abode for personal respite and tranquility. The intention was to create a haven where one could bask in eternal bliss and find solace away from the demands of divine duties.

God meticulously began crafting this paradise, pouring love and beauty into every aspect. The celestial realm began taking shape, with exquisite gardens, and serene lakes. Each detail was carefully woven to ensure a harmonious coexistence of nature and divinity.

However, as the heavenly abode neared completion, it was time to transport it to its designated location. The Almighty, in all the celestial haste, moved the paradise from one place to another. But alas, during the celestial relocation, a small part of this divine haven accidentally slipped from the grasp of the gods and descended upon the Earth.

That fortuitous event led to the formation of land that would later be known as Kerala, often referred to as "God's Own Country." Nestled in the embrace of the evergreen Western Ghats, this enchanting region became a fragment of the heavenly paradise, carrying with it a piece of divine grace.

Blessed with lush greenery, pristine backwaters, and a diverse range of flora and fauna, Kerala became a testament to the Almighty's craftsmanship. The serenity and natural splendor that enveloped the land was a constant reminder of the celestial origin.

The people of Kerala, unaware of the origins of their land, found themselves exceptionally fortunate. They reveled in the lap of nature, surrounded by abundant beauty and captivating landscapes. The verdant hills, cascading waterfalls, and the gentle rustling of coconut palms became an integral part of their lives.

The land is not only for evergreen natures but also for vibrant festivals. Onam, the festival that starts with the rice harvest season, brings everlasting joy moments for the people of Kerala and the people in Kerala.


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