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Sai Krupa Dharshan


Ranga, Srirangam's essence, akin to Panduranga's grace, Lies upon the serpent bed, while Panduranga's stance in Pandaripura amazes. With golden borders, the dhoti clings to Venumadhava's waist, The Vittala of Pandaripura, the universe's master, embodies bliss, interlaced

At the banks of the Bhima River, there stands a lively god, representing the trinity of powers. Firmly positioned on a brick, he rests his hands on his waist while adorned with magnificent necklaces and earrings. His gaze is directed towards his devoted followers, spreading his blessings upon them. Known as Vittala, he is the revered deity of Pandaripura. People from all over the world visit Pandaripur to bask in the majestic presence of Vittala. One of the most awe-inspiring moments occurs when individuals have the opportunity to directly touch the feet of the main deity, just as they would with any other revered deity. Alongside Vittala, the goddess Rukmini Devi embodies divine essence. Rukmini Devi, akin to the goddess Mahalakshmi, stands gracefully upon a brick, her forehead adorned with a broad tilak. Welcome to Pandaripur, where spirituality and vibrant rituals await you, inviting you to experience their transformative power.


Clothed in saffron attire,

Holding a Rudraksha mala in hand,

With Krishna's name forever on his tongue,

His sacred feet firmly grounded in righteousness,

A teacher to countless souls,

A living guru, Raghavendra he is...

Guiding hearts with wisdom's flame,

In Raghavendra's grace, blessings claim.

Sri Raghavendra Math, Mantralayam, is situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This sacred pilgrimage is nestled on the serene banks of the Tungabhadra River. The melodious chanting of Rama Nama commences in the early morning, filling the air with divinity. Devotees begin their day by taking a holy bath in the river before proceeding for the darshan of Guru Raghavendra and Lord Anjaneya.

The legacy of Sri Raghavendra Math continues to exalt spirituality and the essence of Sanatan Dharma. People from all corners of the country visit Raghavendra Math to immerse themselves in the devotional ambiance of Sanatan Dharma, embracing the rituals and traditions meticulously upheld within the math's sacred premises.


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